Hung's Arts Foundation

It is the Green Tara that legend says was transformed by the Bodhisattva's tears, and it was the Green Tara that led executive director Serena Hung into the mysterious and mystical world of Himalayan Buddhist art. Spanning the exotic lands of Nepal, Tibet and India, Himalayan art developed its unique style depicting double-bodied figures and wrathful imagery. The uniquely complex characters and the diversity in which they are depicted only garner support for Serena to continue her exploration into this world of mercy and wisdom.
  Teacher Padma Sambhava
Tibet, 14-15th Century

This sculpture is of the famous Tibetan Buddhist teacher Padma Sambhava. According to legend, he was born from a lotus. He is always depicted wearing a hat adourned with a sun and moon emblem. The sun represents Bodhichitta, and the moon is a symbol of Sunya. Another visual clue in recognizing this as the teacher Padma Sambhava is the feather that sprouts from the top of his headdress.