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Just glance into the vivid brick-red world of thangka and you will never remove your stare. Executive director Serena Hung fell in love with the rich world of Thangka when she first saw the Vajrapani Mahachakra Thangka. Serena witnessed the level of devotion that the Tibetan Monk artists put into their work at Robin Museum in New York. She was moved by the dedication and the years it took to complete a single thangka. That dedication and the rich concepts expressed through the graphics of the unique Tibet religious art still touch and calm her heart.
  Bon Deity Takla Mebar
Tibet, 17th Century

The Bon deity Takla Mebar has fire-like eyebrows, three angry eyes and a fearsome expression. It is very unique and vivid, forcing a strong impact upon the viewer when seeing it.

Takla Mebar is a great teacher in Bon. This thangka depicts his wrathful image. A 17th century document recorded his look vividly: red skin, three wrathful eyes, rectal and holding wheel and swords.