Hung's Arts Foundation

Hung's Arts Foundation chairman Steven Hung began his appreciation and collection of fine antiques with incense bronze 20 years ago. In 1989 he and his wife Mrs. Lindy Chern traveled to America. One weekend afternoon they found a Ming dynasty incense burner in the town of Belmont, located in the San Francisco Bay area. Since then they both fell into the diverse and richly gratifying world of bronzes and enamelware. From a single color enamal to a golden splashed pot, these luxurious metal and expertly crafted relics have been admired and were the launching point for their commitment to support antique research.
  Painted enamel fish bowl
Qing Qianlong (1736-1795 AD)

This painted enamel fish bowl has a bronze body decorated with painted enamel. The artisans placed a thin layer of white enamel glaze onto the bronze body, fired it first to create a smooth surface, then painted it with monochrome enamel pigments into the desired pattern and then fired it for the second time. The most impressive part of this decoration is its auspicious motifs. For instance, the blue dragons symbolize longevity; the red bat represents grand luck. Five red bats circling a blue dragon grant longevity and luckiness. There is a blue enamel regime mark 'Da Qing Qian Long Nien Zhi' (made in Qianlong period, Qing Dynasty) found on the bottom.