Hung's Arts Foundation

The director of the National Palace Museum, Mr. Ching Sheo-Yi, played a very important role in the decision of chairman Steven Hung to research and later collect treasured relics from the past, especially inkstones. Under the teachings and suggestion of Mr. Ching, Mr. Hung began to study and take great interest in the Scholarly Items from the past. Experiencing these relics, items such as inkstones, and bamboo sculpture, and the significant roles that they played in creating other works and the parts they played in the history of man, Mr. Hung began an addiction that paved the path to the creation of the Foundation.
  Jade brushpot with original Zitan stand
Qing Qianlong (1736-1795 AD)

This jade brushpot decorated with high-relief auspicious motifs, such as a group of children, and an adult with a foreign looking glossy ganoderma, represents longevity and rarity. The peony flower represents good fortune. In the main part of this brushpot, there is an elephant with a vessel on its back, representing a wealthy and a populous world. The stand was made of Zitan which enjoys its value and says, 'An inch of gold, an inch of zitan.'