The Foundation explores different methods of education and outreach other than research and publication in effort to shorten the distance between modern concepts and past culture.
    Research and Publication

The Foundation hosts seminars and gallery talks, creating a platform for antique experts and young students to share in discourse. The Foundation also publishes a yearly annual titled, "30 Antique Bar", in addition to other nonscheduled research catalogues.
    Antique and Photography

Other than reference photos of antique objects, what are the other possibilities that antiques can contribute too and enhance photography? Since 2006, the Foundation has been cooperating with young talented photographers, encouraging the exploration of new perspectives in both antiques and photography.
    Antique and Mind

People can obtain peacefulness and serenity through appreciation and interaction with antiques. The Foundation holds activities centered around four traditional areas of refinement- incense burning, scroll hanging, tea drinking and flower arranging, creating tranquil retreats from modern and hectic practices.
    Antique and Modern Living

Antique life and modern life do not exist on parallel lines. Antique relics have the ability to adapt, to not only be reborn in function, but to also influence lives in their new surroundings. The Foundation is working with experts in various professions, from culinary, fashion and lifestyle to re-examine the practices of past generations and to reshape our daily lives by applying lost practices and creating new beautiful experiences to treasure in modern living.
    Antique and Fashion

Is it possible that a pond with lotus and fish motif appeared not only on a 15th century cloisonné but also on modern dress? The Foundation is working with fashion designers, researching different linking points between antique motifs and contemporary fashion, as well as the changing aesthetic culture.
    Antique and Creativity

When we introduce antique objects and concepts with modern ideologies, what new insights can we instill? The foundation plans to hold an antique and creation contest, in effort to re-examine the boundaries of the past and the modern, supporting young artists and designers to rethink and reshape the world around them.
    Antique and Children

How can we establish a strong connection of art and antique in our youth? The foundation plans to cultivate interests for historical objects and aesthetic values in children through publications and relevant activities.