Hung's Arts Foundation

It is the Green Tara that legend says was transformed by the Bodhisattva's tears, and it was the Green Tara that led executive director Serena Hung into the mysterious and mystical world of Himalayan Buddhist art. Spanning the exotic lands of Nepal, Tibet and India, Himalayan art developed its unique style depicting double-bodied figures and wrathful imagery. The uniquely complex characters and the diversity in which they are depicted only garner support for Serena to continue her exploration into this world of mercy and wisdom.
  Throne back panel of Garuda and Naga
Tibet, 14th Century

This back throne is usually seen in periphery as a nimbus surrounding the back of the main deity. Usually, there are six creatures depicted to represent the 'six Paramita'. The Garuda is in the center and two Nagas are in his amphi-sides followed by makaras, dwarfs, lions and elephants. In this work, only the Garuda and Nagas are left intact.