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Revel in the boundless beauty of Lacquerware. Serena Hung loves the elegant and vibrant cinnabar color, and who could resist the geometric shapes characteristic of the Yuan dynasty? Or the exquisite details found in the scholar lingering in the garden motifs of the Ming dynasty? They all have their unique treasures waiting to be revealed. Hold it in your hand and experience the texture, the years of patience and brilliance that was achieved by the artists of that era.
  Carved cinnabar lacquer rectangular tray
Mid-late Ming (16th Century)

This cinnabar rectangular tray is a mid-late Ming work. It depicts a pair of phoenixes which face each other upside down, and have been carved in front of a backdrop of chrysanthemum. The tray form gradually came into existance during the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Among all the plate and tray shapes prevalent, we can see that the rectangular and the square shapes became more popular while their depth gradually became shallower.